A Waiting Game

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So we are writing our second blog post as we want to share what the second month open has thought us. To sum it up, running a business is ‘A Waiting Game’.

The past month has been a case of constantly checking social media, e-mails, booking system and other website in the hope that we are getting customers or expanding our social foot print. The last thing at night and the first thing in the morning is the look at the e-mail to see if we’ve a booking and invariably it’s a no. Have we got any new likes on Facebook? Again very few. Have we a new review on Trip Advisor? Not today.

We enjoyed a few days trying to create an emoji quiz of Dublin Pubs on Twitter. Did it work? Not really, but we enjoyed trying to create difficult ones, but we weren’t smart enough as they were solved pretty quickly. Enjoying what you are doing in any part of life or work is key, and when that enjoyment level diminishes then outlook becomes a lot bleaker, thankfully the skies ahead appear bright!!!

But running a business entails slows times, we aren’t suddenly going to be the Donald Trumps of this world (Not that we’d want to be!!!), but being Mattress Mick would suffice for now. So the nagging question is will we pay for Advertising be it online or in real life. For the moment it is a categorical NO. The reason we are saying no to paying for advertising, is because we know our product is good and there is no better advertisement than free honest and unbiased advertisement.

The vast majority of the people who have played our games have enjoyed them and they have actively promoted us. It is great when we have a customer in and they tell us that their friend or work colleague were in and they just raved about the place. The customers who have come in on the back of someone else’s recommendation are particularly satisfying. The value we place on this form of advertisement cannot be quantified as it is truly reflective of what we are.

A few fallow periods have been followed by periods where we get lots of online bookings, a call or two from corporates and an unexpected drop in customer. Every single person who walks in our door are valued and treated accordingly, as we feel they can become part of our business for more than just the sixty minutes. We value every single review we get on Trip Advisor, Google or Facebook and we get great pleasure out of every single review that comes in from a person who has enjoyed the experience enough to post about it.

Yes, it is slow progress waiting on the word of mouth and social foot print to grow as people enjoy Detention Time or Casino Heist, but it is worth the wait to see what we can do and as the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

If you have left us a review or told someone else about us, then we say a big THANK YOU.

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