2017 set to be a big year for Escape Games in Dublin

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2017 An Exciting Year for Escape Games in Dublin

The year ahead is shaping up to be an exciting year for escape games in Dublin, with a lot of new games opening and some exciting novel entries to the market. At the start of 2016, there were three companies operating in Dublin, with AdventureRooms (2 games), Escape Dublin (2) and X-It (4) open, with a total of eight games available for enthusiasts. However, growth seen We Escape (3) opening and our own games Detention Time and Casino Heist opening doors for customers, while X-It opened a fifth room.

So the year closed out with a total of fourteen games available for people looking to test themselves to escape within the hour. The coming year looks like the industry is going to get bigger and bigger in Dublin. Escape Dublin are ready to fully open their new race room, EMCU, which allows team compete against each other in identical rooms, and I can personally say it’s a fun game. Adventure Rooms are also due to open a third room.
There are two other major developments in the Dublin market. Escape VR has just opened this month and is a Virtual Reality Escape game which is an exciting prospect. An escape room with a nautical theme is also due to open in April time this year, with the escape room on a boat docked in Grand Canal Dock, which is a pretty unique adventure.

With the increase in games in Ireland, is there scope for someone to offer reviews on the games, with some great places in Galway and other parts of the country too. The community needs it with someone offering support to the many sites doing a great job of reviewing games in the UK, such as The Logic Escapes Me and Exit Games UK.
So there are plenty of changes in the coming months, as Escape games in the capital continue to grow. The array of new games and quality existing games gives options for Irish Enthusiasts running out of rooms to play, while it is making Dublin the perfect tourist destination for those players looking to get some Escape games in while also sampling some Guinness and Dublin’s other gems.
Also what surprises does 2017 have for Bolt Escape Games Dublin, well we have plans for new rooms and possibly more, but there is still time for those who haven’t played to try out Detention Time and Casino Heist!!!

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