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Escape Rooms are perfect for team building and trying to get teams to work together more coherently. Whether it is in the sphere of sports teams (from Rugby to Hurling to Rowing) or in the Corporate business environment, escape rooms are able to help teams figure out how they can work together, as they illustrate how different people have different qualities and add to the team dynamic.

You can see how the Dublin Minor Hurling team got in with us in our Dressing Room Drama game in their Northsiders against Southsiders challenge.

In watching games being played some observations that I have made (not always true but regularly occur);

  • In a group setting people are often ignored because of others misconceptions about them. Sometimes due to being younger or less talented or lower down the pecking order, people are ignored. Do this at your peril, as the quiet person or the young buck often offer plenty!!!
  • The alpha male or person in management position can often lead the group astray through sheer bull headedness. The think they should be listened to and dominate proceedings to the detriment of others.
  • A team who constantly talks about the small details are successful, we all see things in life from different angles and seeing or hearing something from another person perspective can ignite that light bulb in your head.
  • A person who illustrates the signs of frustration can infect others in the group and lead to a team seemingly banging their head of the wall. In work or sport when shit is hitting the fan cool minds and exterior is required, as the age hold saying is probably true ‘If you panic you’re f#(&@d’. 
  • Taking time to listen to others and try to understand their way of thinking will benefit you in an escape room and also in the real world.

Escape rooms are the perfect platform for managers to try and get a team working together in a small room at the skills they need in the big world. Get your team down to play an Escape game at Bolt Escape Games Dublin, we can cater for 14 people at a time or 28 people over the course of two & a half hours in Dressing Room Drama and Casino Heist. 

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