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Bolt Escape Games Dublin is an Escape Room venue in Dublin, Ireland. It is a mentally challenging fun live exit game. We are centrally located in Smithfield/Stoneybatter area and both of our games cater for groups of 2 - 8 people at a time. We can also cater for larger groups across/between our two rooms simultaneously, catering for a total of 14 people at a time.  We can work out arrangements for larger groups, just send an e-mail to boltdublin@gmail.com



You will be locked up in one of our themed rooms, either Dressing Room Drama or Casino Heist and you have 60 minutes to escape. In order to escape within the time frame, you and your team must find clues, solve logical puzzles, break codes and find the final key to your freedom. The only way to escape the room is by using the clues provided in the room along with your team's variety of skills and creative genius. Watch out for the odd red herring!!

Prices vary depending on the size of the group. Come and try out One of Dublin's top rated fun activities.


Casino Heist Fastest Escape - Lawless Five
Dressing Room Drama Fastest Escape - The John Hurt Locker

Why not set a new record escape time!