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Perfect for Team Building

Escape Rooms are perfect for team building and trying to get teams to work together more coherently. Whether it is in the sphere of sports teams (from Rugby to Hurling to Rowing) or in the Corporate business environment, escape rooms are able to help teams figure out how they can work together, as they illustrate […]

2017 set to be a big year for Escape Games in Dublin

2017 An Exciting Year for Escape Games in Dublin The year ahead is shaping up to be an exciting year for escape games in Dublin, with a lot of new games opening and some exciting novel entries to the market. At the start of 2016, there were three companies operating in Dublin, with AdventureRooms (2 […]

A Waiting Game

So we are writing our second blog post as we want to share what the second month open has thought us. To sum it up, running a business is ‘A Waiting Game’. The past month has been a case of constantly checking social media, e-mails, booking system and other website in the hope that we […]

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